Teflon Coating On Car

teflon coating on car gurgaon

Want to keep your car looking brand-new even after using it for a while? To preserve and protect the paint on your car, there are various exterior treatment methods available. we are here for you. British motors provides the best quality Teflon coating in Gurgaon. We are among best providers of Teflon coating in the market. 


Teflon Coating, a flouro-polymer with a base of synthetic was, is one of these techniques. Teflon creates a coating that is 0.02 microns thick, providing protection for your cars outside paint. Teflon coating is extremely durable and keeps its qualities for a very long time. In comparison to other techniques of protecting the external paint, it is inexpensive and lasts for five to six months. Teflon Coating’ is a term commonly used by Car Detailing Solution Providers to describe a Paint Protection Coating, or a coating done to extend the life of car paint by adding a protective layer.

Your car’s surface becomes non-stick and temperature resistant due to our Teflon Coating. Teflon’s non-stick qualities make it a self-cleaning coating because no dirt adheres to it. We utilise high-quality Teflon that is resistant to all chemical solvents. By making the paint chemically resistant, it guards against damage from severe chemicals. Additionally, it will make the surface of your automobile water-resistant, protecting the paint from oxidation in all humidity levels.

Having your car Teflon coated will give it long-term weather resistance, making it resistant to oxidation, discolouration, embrittlement, and UV rays. Teflon’s low refractive index means you shouldn’t be concerned about the surface of your car changing look. Consequently, the car’s exterior design won’t change.
If you are looking for Teflon coating on car in Gurgaon and To keep your automobile looking new and maintaining its gloss, get in touch with us right away.


Below are Benefits of Teflon Coating

  • 1. After Teflon, the paint on the car will start to shine, and even small scratches will be eliminated.
  • Provides a layer to stop minor scratches and serves as paint protection. Even though modern automobiles have the best paint booth treatment available, utilising Teflon will give them a shiny new car appearance (albeit this needs to be done periodically for best results)
  • If done frequently, it increases the paint life of the car.


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